king of boys monologue challenge

King of Boys Monologue Challenge is a gateway to stardom

kemi adetiba confirms king of boys 2According to Kemi Adetiba, the King of boys Challenge is born from the desire to give aspiring actors a chance in Nollywood.

It is not new that a sequel for Kemi Adetiba’s 2018 movie King of Boys is in the works. Late last year, the filmmaker revealed it through her Tweets. The scripts were so good that she said “I’m afraid to share the script with anyone… even folks that NEED to read it”

Kemi Adetiba Finally Confirms King Of Boys 2 Is In The Works And Nigerians Have Expressed Their Excitement

In further updates, Kemi Adetiba has announced a stay at home challenge for fans of KOB (#KOBArmy). It is tagged #KOBstayHomeChallenge sponsored by Malta Guinness.

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The filmmaker and director, said she had been approached several times by actors who believe that there are only a selected people who get roles in Nollywood. And she wants to give them a platform to come in.

kemi adetiba king of boys set to hit netflix

To participate,

All they have to do is Stay Home and send an audition video reenacting their favorite scene from King of Boys and they stand a chance to win.

From all the submissions there would be four winners – Two ladies, Two Guys

They have the chance to appear in the King of Boys sequel. Not as extras but having actual screen time.

The final four would also get a one year supply of Malta guinness

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Rules for the King of boys challenge

Rule 1: This competition is open to EVERYONE. Except those with a cinema movie credit. Meaning, if you’ve featured in a movie that has gone to cinema, you are automatically disqualified.

Rule 2: You have to use THESE THREE hashtags. It’s compulsory. #KOBstayHomeChallenge #KOBXMaltaGuinness #StayHomeStaySafe/

Rule 3: Make sure you tag @kingofboysmovie page (whether on Instagram or Twitter) and the official MALTA GUINNESS page.

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