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Marrying a rich man is not a big deal – Actress Etiko Destiny

Destiny Etiko is celebrated for her beautiful body. Still, as a consequence of it, she has said that a few people misjudge her.

Furthermore, she noted that she had not made a massive deal about marrying a rich man.

She told Sunday Scoop, “I know that some men are afraid of successful women, but I can’t be afraid of my man.” I’m not looking for a billionaire or someone who’s got a lot of money. I’m hard-working and will undoubtedly help anyone I marry. I do not believe in making money by sleeping around, but many people question me because of my physique. My career pays me pretty good. Even individuals who aren’t even close to me want to do me a favor, so what is the meaning of sleeping around? I would go ahead with marriage if God gave me a relatively rich man, and I love him. I’m in a relationship, and with my guy, I’m happy.

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“I cannot marry an individual that does not appreciate me or support my film career. He would have to look for another woman because it cannot work. Although there may be some roles and movies as a married woman, I would not act anymore. Once my man is supportive, I don’t need a billionaire. I am not a money-conscious person and would not cheat on my man. It is essential to marry a man that I love.

Why would a man be intimidated by a woman’s success? Any man that does that is not worthy of being called a man. When a woman does a legitimate business, the man would need to support her. Any man that does not support a hard-working woman is less of a man, and I cannot entertain such a person. When we are ready to get married, the whole world will know my man. It cannot be hidden.”

¬†Etiko Destiny Father’s Burial

Destiny Etiko

Speaking about her father’s recent funeral, Etiko Destiny said she was overwhelmed by the celebrities that graced the occasion and flaunted out cash to make it memorable. She said, “My father was a good man, and the affection I received during his funeral was massive. I was shocked that veteran actors such as Pete Edochie, Patience Ozokwo, and John Okafor (Mr. Ibu) honored me.

I celebrate people, especially on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable moments. I also attend people’s events unless I am not disposed of. Some people were even stuck in traffic, and they had to turn back. If all the actors planned to come made it to the venue, it would have been more than a carnival that some people said it was. I was glad that Prophet Odumeje came. Immediately he arrived, everywhere was shut down. People began to shout and even left their seats to see him. He shook the crowd. My mother was short of words even though she knew my plans.”

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