MTVShuga ‘Alone Together’ Mini Series Review

From HIV to Covid-19, MTV Shuga tackles the global pandemic with a Mini YouTube Series.


What is remarkable is the artistic spontaneity with which creators build a story surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. They actively tackle the Untruths, Anxieties and Pressures many people go through in these trying times.

Here’s a short MTVShuga Alone Together Review.

The actors are Natural; because they are stuck at home during the lockdown. They are rubbed off all that on-Screen shine and staring at you through the lens of their phones.

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The story is unique; because it is everything you have been reading, thinking and feeling through the Covid-19 times. It is personal and the message hits ever so deep. It does it’s job.

MTVShuga pours the same vigour as it did with the HIV pandemic into this fight against Corona. Just as the danger of HIV/AIDS had been heavily undermined or overlooked due to lack of education and ignorance, so has the Covid-19.

Those in greater danger are the less privileged who lack the means to take care of themselves during the lock down, the uneducated who don’t even know about the means and the nonchalant who simply don’t care and believe it is all a ruse. Yet, it is real and it is spreading fast.

MTVShuga Alone Together Premiered on the 25th of April. In its first 5 of 60 episodes;

Wazkid Doesn’t believe all that Okoto (Nonsense) they are saying on the news and he recommends his own outlandish solution – alcohol and correct ‘agbo’. He spews all the conspiracy theories. 5G. World Domination. And the others call him out.

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Leo has the virus but believes he is young and it is for the old people. So it’s got nothing on him. Zamo is frustrated, having to close down her salon, she was sustaining herself and her child with. The other effects of the lock down. Then there’s the panic. Leila is sanitizing everything, every 5 minutes. She is hysterical about what she has heard on the news and she feels she is not doing enough.

The series is ripe for the time and hopefully, it will serve its purpose.

Watch the Full first five Episodes here

– This MTVShuga Alone Together Review is by Kay Ugwuzor

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