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Multichoice kicks-off their Reality TV Show – Ultimate Love | Everything you need to know

16 love guests, 1 House, 8 Weeks, 1 couple takes all – That’s what the Ultimate Love Reality TV show is about

On Sunday 9th February, Multichoice kicks-off the Ultimate Love reality TV show, and it has got everyone talking. Well, here is everything you need to know about it.

Ultimate Love Housemates

If you are a fan of the Big Brother Nigeria Show and all the drama that goes on within, then you would love Multichoice’s brand new reality TV show – Ultimate Love.

The show is perfect for the season of love and will feature 16 housemates known as ‘Love Guests’ who will be paired in twos and at the end of the eight weeks, be expected to find their perfect match. Viewers and fans from all over would also be made to vote who their favorite couple is.

Few hours after its kick-off and the social media handles are already buzzing with activity and traffic. Everyone’s is waiting for the drama that will surely follow. Of course, some of the housemates already have fishy backstories and some people are speculating that there just might be a few of them denying their real marital status just so they could get into the house

Provided they choose to get married, the winning couple would be giving a house and an all expense paid traditional wedding. Wow! Doesn’t that sound lovely? But what if they don’t want to get married? Well, they would go home with the cash price equivalent.

Love is a game afterall

The social media reactions have been wild. While some social media users are already expressing their reservations about the show quality, people have already began to pick out their favorites.

Just like Big Brother in well, Big Brother Naija, the housemates will report to Aunty and she will be in charge of putting the Love Guests in order with tasks and a whole lot of fun stuff. The Veteran broadcaster – Editor-In-Chief of TWMagazine and host of TW conversations. She bags over 25years of experience in relationship, lifestyle and culture.

Twitter is buzzing with the hashtag #UltimateLove and everyone is looking out for the next drama as it unfolds.

What are you waiting to see?

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