Multichoice Talent Factory 2020

Multichoice Talent Factory to Launch Online Masterclasses

MultiChoice Talent Factory Plans Online Masterclasses for members.

Multichoice Talent Factory 2020

MultiChoice group is unrelenting in the bid to overcome the challenges posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. They were recently reported to have doled out a total of 80million rands to support payment of Salaries for Ongoing productions in March and April 2020.

The Multichoice Talent Factory 2020 is expected to commence sometime this year giving that the Covid-19 Pandemic would have been over by the time.

However, they have opened up the Multichoice Talent Factory for Online Master Classes.

The Television giant has been at the forefront of TV Production for decades. They can boast of a work force of thousands globally. With DSTv, GoTv and several other TV platforms ‘Enriching the Lives’ of many.

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting hard on many countries including South Africa, MultiChoice is unrelenting. It finds new ways to keep the services out there and going. Hence, the Multichoice talent Factory 2020 is will take its master classes online through a learning portal that will support over 40,000 members to enable them gain access to courses and online master classes.

Multichoice Talent Factory 2020“Multichoice Talent Factory 2020 is an afri-wide, multi-tiered training and experimental programme by Multichoice Africa. It is designed to provide the African creative industry with a platform to learn, develop talent, engage and connect with each other through shared passions.”

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