Pete Edochie is a household name in Nigeria and may appreciate his outstanding acting talent and personality.

He was born in Enugu on the 7th of March, 1947. He is from the Igbo tribe and a devoted Catholic.

Pete worked his way up to the top and became one of the most recognizable and acknowledged actors in Nigeria, and in Africa overall. He is a symbol of talent and dedication.
Anyone who likes Nollywood must have watched a movie with Pete Edochie at least once. And this of course would have heightened the curiousity to know more about his family, his wife? How many children he has and of course, if they are all actors just like their father?

Pete Edochie’s family portrait

Pete got married at the age of 22. He is blessed with six children and several grandchildren.

Pete Edochie started growing his beard when he was 23 years and has never completely shaved it off since then. Although he could trim it, Pete said he will never shave his beard no matter how much money he is offered to do so.

When he was asked if he will ever shave off his beard for any price?

In his words: 👇👇👇

No, I wouldn’t, no matter how much you would pay me. It gives me character. I have always played a big man in my movies. If I am not a leader of a cult, I am an Igwe or a native doctor. There must be something inspiring about you. Something that frightens people, that terrifies them, intimidates them when they know that you are coming. When you clean-shave, you lose that character.

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