My Marriage didn’t bring Bad Luck to my Acting Career – Uche Jumbo

Nollywood actress Uche Jumbo who has been far behind in her acting career has corrected the claims that her marriage to Puerto Rican American, Kenny Rodriguez has brought bad luck to her career.

Uche Jumbo whose marriage to Rodriguez crashed a long time ago, is now a single mother of one though she claims otherwise.

Here is what she told Sunday Scoop;
“Marriage didn’t stop me from acting regularly. Even before I tied the knot, I had already started selecting projects I do. I choose my projects now because I am not interested in being in every film again. Also, if people cannot see that I am good for a certain role, I don’t need to convince anyone at my level. I have been acting for 18 years and I have matured in the business. I got into acting at a young age, but I need more time to promote the projects I do and still focus on my marriage”.

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