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Namaste Wahala

If you weren’t in the mood for romance before, the new Bollywood and Nollywood collaboration “Namaste Wahala” would sweep you off your feet with Romance.

Nollywood Insider brought you the gist of the Bollywood and Nollywood collaboration, now look at the trailer. You can already see all the oohs and aaahhs you should be anticipating.

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Last week, we dropped the teaser image for @namastewahala by @hamishadaryaniahuja and the response has been exciting. Bollywood meets Nollywood in #NamasteWahala. Namaste Wahala is a love story that centers around an Indian Man @ruslaanmumtaz and a Nigerian woman @inidinmaokojie who fall in love despite the difference in their cultural background. Through this love journey, they take their families @ajokesilva @richardmofedamijo @segalsujata on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You'll cry, You'll laugh, You'll "awwww", and everything in between. A true blend of everything beautiful from both rich and vibrant cultures. Namaste Wahala will be showing from April 24th, in cinemas near you. @mofedamijo @ajokesilva @saileshahuja @thegoodlifeliving @mi_abaga @brodashaggi @filmoneng @inidimaokojie @ruslaanmumtaz @segalsujata @adaora.lumina @ibrahimsuleimanofficial @callme_frodd @imoheboh @officialosas @aneeicha @officiallyk10 @mexemania @blackcoffeeandsmoke @tiencepay @adella_makeup @props_store_rental @maybaykar @rahilraja13 @yolandaokereke @cindyokafor_ @ediboy_kuf @mrphisha @djsuketu @precisionmadamfixit @femi_swayy @ndu_vera @uche_favoured @barnyee @wale_astro @doubletapevents @orchestrasound @piusfatoke @tolulopeoludapo @mrphisha @bj_picture @donl37

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From the trailer of Namaste Wahala, we get a peek long enough to see that the plot inherits the age old tale of love – Boy and girl fall for each other, both families do not approve of their love and they must fight to be together. A story line as old as Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Namaste Wahala is an Indian-Nigerian love story born out of Indian filmmaker Hamisha Daryani Ahuja’s inspiration.

Having lived partly in Nigeria and India, Hamisha says the story came from her desire to do what no one has done before on this scale and that is merging the two beautiful cultures together. Thus, she creates this beautiful film.

Speaking to CNN, Ahuja says

“The story has been in my head for a long time but I wanted it to be completely accurate. I wanted both cultures to be portrayed the same, that no culture was above the other”

She goes further to reveal that it futures the classic singing and dancing scenes that we all love. Lets see how that works out on Lagos soil. Lol.


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