Natty Bruce is leading a Revolution in “Action Films” in Nollywood with his Film Academy

Natty Bruce is renowned for his many successful martial arts in NOLLYWOOD Movies. He has directed and coordinated martial arts for great movies in Nollywood. This time he is taking a bull by the horn, by training many others with his YOUTH OUT OF PENURY programme.

Below is his full message to his students, potential sponsors and the entire public.



Natty Bruce production, Film & Cinema Services Nigeria is a registered film production/human resource company with developmental chapters in almost fifteen states of Nigeria where young boys and girls, men and women are usually coordinated together to be roped into the mainstream filmmaking, acting and stunt works for the movies by the state coordinators, in an initiative tagged, “YOUTHS OUT OF PENURY”,

“YOUTHS OUT OF PENURY” is a filmmaking initiative created by Natty Bruce Idigbogu to encourage the Nigeria youths in grassroots who have talents in Filmmaking/Acting and do not have the opportunities of platforms like this to showcase their skills, we wholeheartedly believe that a world where poor and marginalized people can exercise their voice, build their own solutions and taken ownership of their future is possible.

Natty Bruce Production has been in the business of filmmaking/human resource capacity building for the movies for over ten years and have decided to structure and put systems in place for strategy and survival for more profitability.

The CEO/National Coordinator Mr. Natty Bruce Idigbogu founded Natty Bruce’s Action Film Academy Nigeria, and Natty Bruce Film Production through his knowledge of Martial Arts and Film in the year 2003.

Natty began his martial arts training at the age of 10 in ABA, now in Abia State. His Martial arts education consists of Judo, Kung-fu, Karate, Teakwondo and kickboxing. As his knowledge increased, he decided to take a step towards a career, which will best utilize his martial arts expertise. In 1986 he joined the cinema industry as a projectionist and later into Film/TV/video making.

In 1988/89, Natty produced his first Film “HUNDRED STEPS OF KARATE ” in Aba which was shown in all the Cinema houses over there and around PH then.

In 1996 Natty migrated to Lagos then considered as Nigeria Hollywood and since then has been Acting in movies and collaborating with other filmmakers in Nollywood to cover the areas of stunts, actions and fights for the movies.

Natty coordinated stunts/Fights in films like, AGUBA IGOGORO” GUARDIAN ANGEL, PRESIDENT MUST NOT DIE, “NEVER END,” 30 DAYS, GREY FOCUS, BEST OF THE GAME, TRIBE, QUEEN AMINA, just to mention a few.

Natty produced Bloody Mission in 1997 in Lagos followed by Mask of Mulumba, Brutal Times, Love in Vengeance and Black Scorpion.

In 2014, Natty Bruce Production in conjunction with ,Natty Bruce Action Film Academy produced a reality show titled “Celebrities And Greenhorns”, a three months project where boys and girls were selected from the six geopolitical zone of Nigeria in a screening set up to pick the good talents who are gymnastic and athletic in nature to come to the camp in Lagos to be thought how to break into Action Films.

Natty has variously attended filmmaking workshops and Business seminars across/within the Nigeria film industry.

Natty is a member of Association Of Movie Producers, (AMP), Directors Guild Of Nigeria, (DGN), Actors Guild Of Nigeria, (AGN), and Screen Writers Guild Of Nigeria, (SWGN), where he had held different executive position.

Natty Bruce Film Production and
Natty Bruce’s Action Film Academy,
Creators of “YOUTHS OUT OF PENURY”. A grassroot youths filmmaking initiative that propagates the image of the rural or urban youth who has talent for the creative industry but do not know how to break In.

Every quarter of every year in Nigeria, a search for Creative Talented Youths who are eager to be shown their ways into the movies industry will be carried out in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, and subsequently be hosted in a national gathering tagged, “FINAL ENCOUNTER”, where they receive advanced training and feature in the first film of their Life, which will be written with them in mind.



The practitioner learns how to make falls, tumbles, landings, fights, martial arts, How to use weapons, blades, Clubs, firearms, explosives, swimming, and motorcycling. The Course requires that student are capable of handling the rigorous training schedule and potential stunt work.

The practitioners are made to understand why he/she wants to be an actor, which class of actor’s art is best, the Pro – Actor, and knowing what is Guilds & unions, photos, Resumes, Agents, Managers, Auditions, Callback, Day job and Action acting. We covered the basic acting skills to equip them with enough experience to handle all sort of acting requirements, from stage, TV, Radio, Commercials to movie

The student are made to understand that there are many facets of Directors prep on any film or TV shows from location scouts and creative meetings to casting and scheduling. Understanding scripts, what the story is all about, the theme; the story points, the characters. These are the most important aspect of the Director’s task and all these will be covered in the course.

Students will be shown how to write script… Understanding the story plots and structure. They will understand how to analyse script to who are the characters, theme and to know when story is logical or not.

Students are required to perform a variety of stunts during the show especially fight choreography after they have been taught the correct techniques. They must show the stunts performed safely, effectively and with realism.

All those who completed the Camp successfully will receive a statement of attainment, which will identify your capabilities and strengths. This can be used to write your resume or handed to industry professionals as part of your sales package.

Registration fee and training kit: will be handed over to intending practitioners.

When you have completed your training at the Camp, your headshot and bio will be placed on our website for thousands of industry insiders to access daily. production, casting and talent agencies throughout the country will be on trail. In addition, you will have a first class opportunity to be used in our Action Film productions as an actor, writer, director, stunt performer.

He sent us some of the audience and public reactions to his initiative. It reads thus:

“Dear Natty Bruce Idigbogu,


It was a pleasure meeting you in Nigeria in January during the filming of Grey Focus. You did a wonderful job providing stunts and direction to the stunt actors for the film. I own and run a Houston, Texas based movie production company called Adelante, I am extending an invitation to you to my city not only to see first hand how we work but for you to see the potentials and also discuss the possibility of doing a joint production in the nearest future. This visit will also give you the opportunity of checking out numerous tourist sites and movie location scattered across Texas.
Thanks for your kind and prompt attention.
Yours sincerely,
Baldemar Rodriguez
Adelante Productions
Film Director/Producer USA”

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