NECLive8: Nigerian Entertainment Conference Postponed

NECLive8: Nigerian Entertainment Conference Postponed and the organisers promise to refund tickets.

NECLive8 Nigerian Entertainment Conference 2020The Organizers of the prestigious Nigerian Entertainment Conference have, on Friday 27th, announced the postponement of the 8th edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive8) that was scheduled to hold on the 22nd of April 2020.

While we hope that the Covid-19 pandemic would have long passed by then, the organisers believe that this is in the best interest of everyone. ‘Everyone’ includes all the attendees who have already bought tickets to the event. The organisers have said that they are all entitled to a full refund.

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The Covid-19 precautionary measures have forced the hands of many Productions and Movie premiers over the past few weeks. Almost no business venture has escaped unscathed by the challenges created by the deadly virus. Cinemas have suspended services in Lagos, film sets have shut down as filmmakers adhere to governments advice on self-isolation.

While IDAfrica and The NECLIve organising committee will work on plans remotely, they said, they will reduce or completely avoid all non-essential meetings on gatherings.

A new date for the NECLive8 conference will be announced later. For info on the refund process, go to

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