Netflix is making their Documentaries Free on YouTube


Originally, Netflix access to the Netflix documentaries were given for free to Teachers to access and stream in classrooms.

But, due to the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Schools and Universities in, badly affected areas of the world, have been shut down.

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Millions of Students and Teachers have resorted to learning from home. Therefore, Netflix has now decided to make their Documentary content free and accessible on YouTube.

‘This way, Teachers can assign documentaries to students without worrying about if they have access to Netflix or not.’

Revealing how this will happen, a press release, Netflix says

“Each title also has educational resources available, which can be used by both students and teachers and we’ll be doing Q&As with some of the creators behind these projects so that the students can hear from them first hand”

The 10 Netflix Documentaries now available on YouTube include; 13th, Abstract, Babies, Chasing Coral, Explained, Knock Down the House, Our planet, Period. End of a Sentence, The White Helmets, and Zion. They are available in English and Netflix states that Subtitles in more than a dozen languages will be available later in the week”

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Meanwhile, due to the Coronavirus lock down, Netflix’s shares skyrockets and surpasses Disney’s. There are now more users keeping themselves occupied on the streaming platform. According to Variety, Netflix market capitalization of $187.3 Billion is currently leading after it finished down 2.5 percent on April 15, 2020 surpassing Disney’s $186.6 Billion.

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