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Netflix Naija: What filmmakers should expect in 2020

Since US based online streaming giant made its stay in Nigeria known with the launch of Netflix Naija social media handles, film lovers and film makers all over have been speculating about the possibilities that await them in the industry.

Yet, it is not all roses for every aspect of the film making industry.

Well, here are 5 things that are expected to happen.

1. Competition with international content quality

Netflix MoviesNetflix boasts of thousands of movies and shows available to over 150million subscribers world wide. Each of this films meet a certain standard of acceptability on the platform. If Nigerian content is going to gain any ground whatsoever, then it must up its content quality. If there is anything Netflix is known for, it is the quality of the movies that are on the streaming platform and that is something to look at for with Netflix Naija.

Netflix Collaboration2. More international collaborations.

Netflix Naija would certainly open up the borders further for more international collaborations. Ever since Netflix acquired Genevieve’s Lion heart, it seems that the international collaborations have been on the rise in Nollywood Cinema films. What Netflix Najia stands to do is to expose Nollywood more to this sea of opportunities and that, indeed, is a good thing.

3. Online piracy


Just like it is with music, people do not need to buy DVD’s or Pay for music online with actual money when they can actually just get it for free. With a lot of content going up online on streaming platforms, it has become very easy for hackers and pirates to access this content and give them away free of charge on their websites. This then forces filmmakers to want to make their profit on the Premier Night and through the cinema sales.

4. Competition among indigenous streaming channels

Netflix is bound to give streaming platforms like IrokoTV, Ebonylife, NvivoTV and the several other streaming channels a run for their money. With the new feature that allows payment in Naira, Naija users are going to increase. And once they get a taste of the interface, it might be hard to let go. Nonetheless, there are die hard Nollywood Movie lovers so this may not actually happen.

5. More money in circulation

Money in film

More than anything, the money is what is exciting about the whole thing. Variety.com reported that in 2018, Netflix invested over $17 Billion in content and is expected to reach over $28 Billion by 2028. It’s a good time to invest in good content for TV and online platforms.


There has never been a better time to be a filmmaker than now.

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