NI EXCLUSIVE: Chat with the ever delectable and sultry actress Ebube Nwagbo as she bares it all.

NI: Tell us about your growing up?

EB: I grew up in Warri, Delta state. Growing up was fun. I am the eldest in a family of six. I come from a very strict background. I was restricted to a lot of things but that is what moulded me into what I am to today. My growing up years are my fondest memories where you have nothing to worry about.

NI: So where are you from exactly?

EB: I am Igbo, Umuchu precisely in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State.

NI: Were you born with Silver Spoon, golden, plastic or wooden spoon in your mouth?

EB: I wasn’t born with any kind of spoon in my mouth…hahahahaha

NI: Have you always wanted to be a film star?

EB: Not at all. I wanted to be on TV but as a broadcaster. I have never dreamt of acting. A lot of people who knew me back in the days and knowing the kind of family I come from can’t believe I could actually end up as an actress.

NI: In other words acting found you?

EB: Yes. Acting found me. I love to watch movies a lot and I would sit and imagine myself doing those things they do on TV. I didn’t believe I could do it, but I wanted to do it. This brought about me going for an audition during my IT days. I just wanted to while away time because I didn’t want to work in an office. I was like, let me go have fun with this Acting stuff. The producers must have seen something in me after auditions and insisted I become part of the movie. They actually believed in me. They gave me the lead role in that movie and the rest is history. That was the first and last audition I ever went for.

NI: If you aren’t an actor what would you have been?

EB: I would have been a journalist.

NI: Aside acting what other businesses are you into?

EB: I own a hair line called Poshhair by Eb. We deal in all kinds of human hair weaves. We are into wholesale and retails. My brand caters for every lady young and old that wants to look good without breaking a bank, we have something for everyone.

NI: So how do you balance your work and your life?

EB:  It’s not easy at all. I barely have time for myself. But I try to juggle both. I do have staff that work for me, but I still see to the tiniest details. It’s really hectic, however, I try so much to create a balance so none of my brands would slack.

NI: To a more personal question. Are you married?

EB: I am not married yet. (Laughs) But I want to keep my love life out of the press.

NI: So what kind of men do you roll with?

EB: I don’t have a particular kind of men I roll with. I really don’t roll with men a lot. But if I have to, it has to be that one who I feel comfortable with, someone I can be myself with and don’t have to be judged. Most importantly someone who has respect for a woman and good morals.

NI: Are their people in the industry you look up to?

EB: Yes.  Liz Benson and Joke Silva are living legends. They are veterans in this game and still relevant till date. I look up to them

NI: We understand you have a production company. Tell us about it?

EB: My production company is called PoshWorld Productions. We have two movies to our credit so far.

NI: How do you relax?

EB:  I relax at home or chill with my friends. We all are very busy people, so when we have that spare time we make good use of it.

NI: Where do you see yourself in Five years?

EB: Where God wants me to be. I will do my best, work hard and smart and leave the rest to God.

NI: What will you tell young people dying to get into the industry?

EB: I would advise them to be focused and prayerful. Their today determines their tomorrow.

NI: Any word for your fans?

EB: To My fans I love them and want to say thanks for the love and support. God bless them for me. They should keep supporting the Posh Brand.

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