Nigerian Film Festival Association (NFFA): Uche Agbo Emerges Chairman-Elect

Nollywood actor, filmmaker, media juggernaut, and Coal City Film Festival founder, Uche Agbo has been elected the chairperson of the Nigerian Film Festival Association, (NFFA).

NFFA was inaugurated last year during the ZUMA International Film Festival in Abuja to serve as an umbrella body that houses all the film festivals organized by Nigerians within and outside Nigeria. The extra action plan is to engage industry practitioners and top stakeholders, including government and private sectors, to highlight the role of filmmakers in nation-building. 

In his acceptance speech, Uche Agbo promised that his administration would take “the enormous task of jump-starting a progressive association and… deepening the foundation of our essence and create room for automated growth.”

“I am familiar with the task,” he says, “I understand the responsibility. I can assure every member that I will not let you down. The work begins immediately.”

There’s no doubt that the association has taken giant leaps since its inception, from interim executives to substantive executive branch, from an emerging tell-tale to a vibrant body moonlighting on the big stage. 


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