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Nigerian Film festivals to attend in 2020 for Emerging Filmmakers

6 Nigerian Film Festivals even emerging Filmmakers MUST attend.

Indie filmmakingMaking a mark in the Nigerian film industry is much more than Talent. it is not very easy for existing filmmakers, talk less of the emerging ones.

It is not rocket science though, what it takes is getting through the right doors, meeting the right people and building the right buildings. In one word – NETWORKING.

What better place to be in the same space with Nollywood hotshots than to participate in film festivals.

Nollywood Insider has put together great film festivals you should target and get the exposure you need.

Coal City Film Festival

Coal City Film Festival

Currently accepting submissions, coming up in March 2020.

The Coal City Film Festival is promising for emerging filmmakers who want to push their work out there.

CCFF is proud to provide activities that foster an appreciation of the art of film as well as educate local and regional filmmakers, students of film, the broader arts community, and the general public. It’s an opportunity for independent filmmakers and the art community at large to celebrate the beauty of the art of cinema.

The maiden edition is billed to take place in March 2020 with wide call of entries from local and international filmmakers.


Realtime International Film Festival (RTF)

Now accepting submissions. Coming up in June 2020.

The Realtime International Film Festival is designed by and for independent filmmakers to show and express their works while networking with other filmmakers and enthusiasts in the industry.

2020 marks its fifth outing as a festival and it explores the thing ‘ICE’ Inclusiveness, Collaboration and Equity while focusing on people with disabilities.

Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF)

Now accepting submissions. Scheduled to take place in March 2020

The EKOIFF was founded in 2009 and has been running well ever since, this year, celebrating its 10th anniversary. It aims to promote art and culture and through motion picture and has consistently been doing that for 10years.

It serves as a great opportunity for filmmakers within and outside the Lagos Megacity, to make their mark and meet like minds.

iREP International Documentary Film Festival

Scheduled to come up March 2020.

If documentaries are more your thing, then iRep film festival is perfect for you. It features documentary submissions from all over the world and on diverse aspects of the society. The festival has a strict rule for documentaries alone yet, its contents explores so much about the film space that you cannot afford to miss it.

Though entries are closed for 2020, it is still a great festival to attend.

Abuja International Film Festival

Scheduled to hold in October 2020

The Abuja International Film Festival rewards creativity for its participants. There are a number of events planned out for emerging filmmakers who want to show off their works to enthusiasts and film lovers.

It was founded in 2004 and is in its 16th year.

African International Film Festival (AFRIFF)

Founded in 2010, the festival hosts hundreds of Film Veterans from all over the world and offers its participants a learning opportunity of the art on Expert and Beginner levels. it accepts creative submissions from enthusiasts and gives out Awards to outstanding personalities.

It is boastfully the largest film festival held in Nigerian now. It is a great platform for filmmakers to parley and learn about their art.

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