Nigerians React as Merry Men Movie Airs In Kano Film House Cinema

By Vivian Eze

Since the release of the movie Merry Men which was produced by the popular comedian AY a new wind of support and solidarity began to blow through the Nigerian movie industry as many celebrities took the promotion of the movie as a personal project.

Photos from the movie “Merry Men” was shard by many Nollywood celebrities on their social media walls. With celebrity actors such as Jim Iyke and Ramsey Noah, many people were anxious to see the movie.
Comedian Ay who is a comedian has over the years is making giant strides in film making and has been getting enormous support from Nollywood veterans.
The movie drew renewed attention after AY shared a poo of popular Hausa movie actor Ali Nuhu inviting everyone to come to watch the movie at a cinema in Kan0o state.
Not many movie lovers understand the nature of cinema practice in Kano state which is considered highly conservative. Ali Nuhu promised to be live at Kano Film house. The movie will also be aired in major cities across the country.

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