Nollywood Actor Tonto Dike lays Death Curse on a Fan

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Lays Curse On A Lady Who Reminded Her About Death.

Tonto Dikeh who gave her life to Christ a year ago, has angrily placed a curse on an Instagram user who reminded her that death is inevitable.

A blogger posted a photo of former President Olusegun Obasanjo holding king Andre and calling him the grandson of the ex president.

Tonto Dikeh responded to the post that her son is not in any way related to Obasanjo, and as a result of that, internet users abused her and reminded her of a lie she told a long time ago when she said Obasanjo was her father in-law.

Tonto Dikeh responded to her critics by telling them to shut up and leave her alone.
She also made reference to women who has never used their wombs commenting on her matter.

A fan interjected at this point by reminding Tonto Dikeh that death is inevitable. “You have easily forgotten there’s something called death” she attached, pushing Tonto to the edge of lavishing a curse on her.

See the chat response below.

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