Nollywood Actress Etinosa Idemudia who was in recently in the news over her using the BIBLE as her ashtray while smoking, threatened to use the QURAN for same purpose.

Etinosa is not new to controversies on social media, as she was earlier this year in the news for baring her nakedness in a live video.

Recently, Etinosa was seen in a popular video using the Holy Bible as her ashtray. She received several backlash for using the Bible as ashtray.

In series of post which she has deleted, she had shared a video along with write up, she wrote; ” The things i’m not supposed to do. The things i don’t want to do,i find myself doing those things.The things my mother brought me up to hate and avoid,those are the things i love and enjoy.Proverbs 22:6say,train up a child when he is young and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Nobdy can blame my mother,she trained and trained and still training and i’m still departing.Prov.22:6 issa scam”.

Reacting to her post, followers dared her to try to use the Quran as ashtray. In response to the backlash, she threatened to use the Quran next.
She wrote,” On this Quran matter i know you want me to do it but i can’t be giving you guys free show and giving bloggers free content.You need to pay me Bit**. Pay me and i will do it.2 seconds!I dey fear you?NEVER!I fear GOD only and God is never confined to a textbook.Worshiping a textbook printed in Idumota is IDOLATRY God hates idolatry. Aren’t you concerned about how confident i am? It is because I HAVE GOD’S BACKING ON THIS”.

A lot of social media influencers and celebrities have come out to speak against her misbehavior,including Daddy Freeze and Tundeednut, this is her reply to those against her actions.
She wrote , “How do you effect change when u are living in denial? You are worse than me. Be honest and slowly retrace your steps. stop hiding behind religion you know nothing about. I poured out my heart all through last night pondering on the words of this song and asking God DEEP questions. Questions bring answers. Answers bring truth. The truth brings Freedom. I feel much better. @daddyfreeze I appreciate you but everybody should keep my name from their mouth. This race is Per Head 🙏🏾
As for @tundeednut #EyanLegbegbe don’t worry yourself, I will call @oyemykke for you 💜”

Some followers believe she is not in the right state of mind and is mentally unstable, and might just be seeking cheap popularity and attention.

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