Nollywood and Film Festivals in Diaspora: Our Contribution Thus Far

By Vivian Eze

The Nigerian Film Industry has been in existence for many years ago and has since been producing films in various languages which portrays the African culture.
The diversity in the culture and lifestyle of the Nigerian people have brought about a wealth of information and ideas to producers in the Nollywood industry that tells of everyday lives, resonates with Nigerians, share a similar culture and heritage across Africa and the Africans in the diaspora. Gone are the days when films are produced without a script thereby allowing actors just improvise. Now producers are making sure to shed away that amateur way of production into producing films with high quality that has international appeal and seemingly, the use of its indigenous stories makes its recount.

The industry has become a creative force to be reckoned with and has been dominating the international film festivals. Nollywood isn’t looking into getting into Hollywood but trying to get their films out of the shores of Nigeria and get their monies back to the industry which it is achieving gradually.

Recently, Daniel Ademinokan’s short film of about 13mins that is titled ‘’Here’’ was featured in the Berlin film festival in February 2019 though already screened in 7 film festivals. A film that featured the multiple award-winning Nollywood actress Stella Damascus who is an actor and a singer and has featured in several films with him including ‘’between’ that was premiered in Glenn fest film festival in 2018. Alternatively, Nigerians are using their creatives through the making of these Nollywood films to tell stories of their living outside the country and examples of these films are; Gone too far, 30 days in Atlanta, Turning Point, The Price, Osuofia in London, A trip to Jamaica, Ije among others.

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