Nollywood Filmmaker Ugezu J Ugezu releases a road map for a new Nigeria come 2019

As we all know the Filmmaker, Ugezu J Ugezu is vying for Nigeria presidency come 2019, and he recently released what seems like a blueprint for a new Nigeria. The actor/Director who is running under the umbrella of Young Democratic Party (YDP) is very critical about the current situation of things in Nigeria and is determined to change the narrative. An Nollywood Insider obtained the full manifesto, read the abrigriged version below

“2019 MY PROMISES –Rebuild Nigerian infrastructures. –Pursue a vigorous clear cut social security regime that will drive all other securities in Nigeria. We will create a country where the crime rate will reduce drastically. –Massive and unprecedented commitment towards strengthening the Nigeria police; I am convinced that any country that gets the police right has got all things right. We shall get the police right. –A protected free market for Nigerians and all the sincere people doing businesses in Nigeria. For the first time in a long time, Nigerian manufacturers will be protected through a defined policy patronage. –Power generation and distribution. We shall create working policies on this sector and things will start to function. –Create a standard tax regime in Nigeria for I am convinced we can run this country on internal taxes alone, this is possible when reckless spending is abolished in the day to day running of government businesses in Nigeria”.

Ugezu J. Ugezu is from Enugwu Ukwu in Njikoka Local
Government Area of Anambra State, a graduate of Public
Administration from Enugu State University of Science and
Technology. He is married with children, and lives with his family
in Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria.
Ugezu J. Ugezu is a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, a
professional association of Nigerian filmmakers that defied all
odds to rebrand the image of the country globally through positive
films, videos and other creative contents, telling the Nigerian story
to the world. For six years, 2010 to 2016, he worked as the Coordinator of Nollywood activities in South Central Zone of Nollywood political distribution in Nigeria, a position he left without prejudice, when he contested and won the office of the
National Secretary of the apex Nollywood Guild, Directors Guild of
Nigeria. It was during his tenure as Coordinator in the South Central Zone that Asaba became the hub of Nollywood Productions.

In 2014, Ugezu J. Ugezu was invited to, and he attended the 3rd INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITERS CONFERENCE in Warsaw- Poland as the only delegate from Nigeria, where he presented a paper, NOLLYWOOD, AN EMERGING FORCE IN GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT. As the ONLY black man in that glorious conference of international screenwriters, Ugezu J. Ugezu did excellently well to positively export the country to the world. It is on record that the Creative/Entertainment Industry in Nigeria has risen to be a global brand, making fundamental contributions
towards the growth of Nigeria as a country, and Africa, as a continent. The fact that the industry was made and nurtured in Nigeria by patriotic and very creative Nigerians is an indication that what we need to develop all the sectors of Nigeria is already in existence in Nigeria. All we need do is assign responsibilities to
people who are competent and ready to serve, and positive things
will start to happen. By all standards, the success recorded by the Creative/Entertainment Industry in Nigeria is traced to the concerted efforts by men and women in the industry who have
continued to research into various ways we can use the resources available to us to achieve mind blowing results. To the glory of God, we have done this over the years and we have now come to the conclusion that the time is ripe for us to launch the magic of the creative and the entertainment industry in all other sectors of the Nigerian economy.
In Nigeria, we have consistently tried retired military officers to serve as our political leaders, and the truth remains that these respected military officers have not salvaged the country.

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