Nollywood Industry: Why many Talented Creatives do not earn enough [MUST READ]

Nollywood: Why many talented creatives don’t always earn their worth.

Nollywood-industry-talentsYou’ve seen it countless times in Nollywood industry. A highly skilled director, a very creative writer or an amazing actor never having his or her worth in earnings.

Yet, they have bills to pay. Mouths to feed and many people looking up to them.

The problem arises from multi-faceted factors. But like John C. Maxwell’s book says ‘Talent is Never Enough’

Here’s 5 reasons why many Nigerian talents are not making enough money.

1. Greedy clients: Greedy clients are the worst people for new talents to meet. Sadly, there are a lot of them in Nollywood. They prey on innocent inexperienced talents and take advantage to have them do work and not get paid.

Greedy clients2. They are lazy: Lazy-patrickLaziness is the number one killer of creative talents. Many talented people lack the discipline to put in the work. If you want your creative genius to be worth something in the Nollywood Industry, then you have to get off your bum and do something.

3. Inexperience: Dumb idiotNo one wants to give their hard earned money to an inexperienced person. It’s rare to find someone that will gamble with their money that way. The goal should be to make yourself reliable. Try a more professional approach. For writers and filmmakers, read: How to get your idea sold.

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4. Pride:Arrogant guy

Its good to be ambitious but a person can only jump hire when he stoops low. Sadly, many Talented people fall into this void, a trap set by themselves. Being proud will keep a talented person from reaching the heights of his career.

5. No business sense: PuzzledYes, Talent is never enough. To convert talent to money, you have to have a bit of sense for the business. You should know how to negotiate, sign contracts, submit proposals, especially as a Nigerian filmmaker.

Climbing the ladder of success is a task that requires great skill, patience and talent. To reach there you must be aware of what you need to do and set out to do it.

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