Nollywood Veteran Actress Shan George on Her Successful spine surgery

By Vivian Eze

Shan George is a Nollywood actress, singer, director, and producer who is best known for her roles in the movies ‘’Outkast’’ and ‘’Welcome to Nollywood’’.

She announced to her fans in a post on her Instagram page about how she had to undergo spine surgery. This surgery as she said, is a delicate one that could render her permanently paralyzed for the rest of her life if not properly done. This surgery is as a result of the disease of the spine which she has been suffering since January 2019.

shan george on her successful surgery and recovery

The surgery, she says ran into millions and she has come to express her profound gratitude to those who supported her financially to cover the surgery bills and informs them that the surgery has been done in a clinic in Abuja called brain and spine surgery and it was successful.

Who says that brain, spine and other surgeries can’t be done in Nigeria? She asks.
See the below post from her recovery

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I've been battling a spine disease for so many months now, in and out of hospital since January 2019, finally I was told d only solution is a spine surgery, a very delicate surgery that can render me permanently paralysed for d rest of my life if not properly done, I was so scared, the bill for such surgery runs into millions of naira. Long story short, I finally did the surgery In a clinic in abuja called Brain and Spine Surgery Consotium, successfully. I want to say a very big thank u to some good friends and family who went out of their way to support with d huge surgery bill, I will never forget u for supporting instead of looking for lame heartless reasons and excuses not to help. God bless u all immensely. Who says Brain, Spine and other delicate Surgeries can't be done in Nigeria? I'm recuperating fine. Help me thank God. I survived!!

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