Not Every Movie should be in the Cinema – Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic advises filmmakers that the quality of Nollywood films released should match the hype.

The actress said that not all Nollywood movies should be in cinemas, advising filmmakers to ensure that quality of their work matches the hype they create of it.

She took to her Instagram page to share a write up on why we have some bad films.

Rita Dominic is not the first film maker to talk about the quality of Nollywood films in cinemas.

In 2017, veteran filmmaker Ego Boyo called out Nollywood film makers for the quality of films being produced.
Boyo also implied in series of tweets that some Nigerian filmmakers focus more on technology than quality story telling.

Earlier this year, Nigerian filmmaker Charles Novia criticized the state of cinema in 2017, that the artistic quality and dramatic value of movies were horrible.

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