Olaide Olaogun, actress and former lux Ambassador, Ends her Marriage To Babatunde Ojora Over Allegations Of Domestic Violence

By Yetunde Adeyeri

Olaide Olaogun, the ex-Lux envoy affirmed her marriage to Babatunde Ojora is surely finished by means of a suspicious post she shared on Instagram and on Whatsapp. Insiders said the Actress and mother of one, who once professed to have a ” caring husband” said she was exposed to physical and boisterous attacks in the marriage which was contracted on December 3, 2015.

It was additionally discovered that the mother of two had recently sought legal separation from her ex-spouse yet made up with him after he asked and vowed to change. He purportedly deteriorated and proceeded with the maltreatment.

In a Whatsapp post she shared, Olaide wrote;

Leave and live. I got married to an abusive man! Physical and verbal abuse! And lots more that will be unveiled. I left him, filed for divorce but stupidly forgave him and went back believing his promises. He became worse! Now I finally freed myself from continuous abuse! Hallelujah.

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