omoni oboli husband turns 50 here is how they celebrated it

Omoni Oboli’s husband turns 50, here’s what everyone is talking about | See Pictures

omoni oboli husband

Omoni, her sons celebrated the energetic husband and father as he turns 50 on Tuesday 21st July.

Omoni Oboli’s husband turns 50 and the circle is buzzing with ‘awwws’ and ‘ahhhhs’ at what the Oboli family did together on Tuesday.

The filmmaker’s family is arguably one of the cutest and closely-knit socially. A feat that only a handful of celebrities and filmmakers in the Nollywood In can boast of. She met Nnamdi Oboli when she started her acting career in 1996, started dating, she was age 21 and he was 29. In 2000, the couple tied the knot and years later they are still living beautiful lives. This 28th October of 2020, they would mark 20 years of a beautiful marriage.

Their marriage looks young and even after

20th of July, Omoni Oboli’s husband turns 50 and his Birthday was celebrated in different shades of amazing. He out-danced Omoni Oboli and Children proving that he was still the ultimate dance machine.

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The real King of Boys



And showered with a lot of gifts

The Love is War actress, Omoni Oboli, husband and children look like the real family goals and worth awwing over. As Nnamdi Oboli turns 50, it is obvious he has been living a decently healthy life.

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