Our Jesus Story

‘Our Jesus Story’ Frederick Leonard is black Jesus in much anticipated remake

“Our Jesus Story” features Frederick Leonard who plays the lead along side Nollywood Veterans Eucharia Anunuobi (looks like she’s playing Mary), Zack Orji and Sam Dede.

frederick-leonard-our-jesus-storyFrom the beginning of time, the story of Jesus Christ has always been told from the lips of those who brought the religion. Through films and media, the biblical son of God has been given the face of Hollywood actors. From Adam Bond to Liam Neeson, the narrative has always been of a White Man.

Some African Dramatic works even go as far as using white to cover the dark skins of actors.

Until Nollywood Movie Director, Tchidi Chikere and Producer, Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche stepped up to change the narrative. Thus, Nollywood‘s ‘Our Jesus Story’.Our Jesus Story

He released a teaser in November of 2019 and now a trailer is out with the movie set for cinema premier on 27th March 2020.

Tchidi Chikere has directed top selling Nollywood home videos including 2003 Blood Sisters, Stronger than pain in 2008 and Dumebi  in 2013 and Ojiofor who has produced Abuja Connection and Only Love which were major hits.


This is not the first time we are having a black Jesus though, Former Mr. Nigeria and actor – Emmanuel Ikubese played Jesus in Passion of Christ way back then.

Come March 27th and we would see just how good a job Tchidi Chikere has done with ‘Our Jesus Story’

See Trailer below

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