Pastor Tony Rapu,a Doctor,Mentor and Social reformer, talks about body enhancement surgery and what the Biblical reference to back up how we should see ourselves individually.

In a time where people especially celebrities continuously make attempts to improve their physical outlook, we find it difficult to determine if body enhancement is something God supports or if he frowns at it.

In a Video Pastor Tony shared on his Instagram page, he said that the Bible is silent about Plastic Surgery and there is really nothing to tell us in it that it is wrong.

He said if a person is very conscious about deformity,or physical aspect of his or her body,and there has to be other consideration. If it causes them some emotional discomfort then cosmetic surgery is definitely an option.He said that there are women who have had to have breast implant and many women have benefited from it,especially when the surgery is non-invasive and where side effects are minimal.

Pastor Tony said there is really nothing wrong with enhancing the quality of a person’s life by surgery,especially when the person is able to breathe better,walk better or talk better and psychological health is improved. He said the challenge is when the surgery begins to be an attempt to meet an emotional void in a physical way, or to attract unnecessary attention to a person, or seek approval from others.

He also said in a situation where body enhancement surgery is done to gain attention or seek approval, it then becomes a psychological issue ,or deep seated insecurities in a person.

Most times,the major reason why women go under the knife is to be sexually attractive and esteem factor. Pastor Tony said to determine if plastic surgery is to attempted one should consider the spiritual force and motive behind which anyone makes the choice to have the surgery. He concluded by saying our perfection is in Jesus Christ alone.

Watch the video below as Pastor Tony shades more light on the issue of ‘Body Enhancement Surgery’.

Pastor Tony Rapu continues to be a strong and reliable source for knowledge and understanding as he continues to seeks ways to influence lives positively.

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