Paul Okoye, twin brother to Peter Okoye and former member of the duo group Psquare celebrated his wife’s 31st birthday. Anita Okoye and Paul Okoye aka rudeboy, have been a couple since their university days.
On Instagram, Paul shared a beautiful picture of him and his wife during their school days. He appreciated his wife for her patience over the years, and glad that they made it and that she reasoned with him.

It is hard to find a loyal partner in our generation, although there are. Being loyal isn’t all about not cheating on a partner, it is also about being committed to the relationship. Loyal partners make a choice to be true to their partner no matter what life throws at them. That is sincerely choosing your partner every single time, through thick and thin. It means appreciating one’s partner and recognizing the values placed. Giving your best and also getting the best from a partner is key to a long-lasting relationship. Loyal partners don’t easily give up on their significant other.
Paul Okoye clearly shows how much he loves and cherishes her wife’s patience over the years.

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