angela okorie vs mercy johnson

Read the Full Story of Why A Mercy Johnson Fan Threatened Angela Okorie’s son with Death

By Yetunde Adeyeri

Yesterday, Actress Mercy Johnson was called out by her Colleague Sonia Ogiri for what she did to her years ago. The actress who says she is in a healing process and just had to let out her grievances on how Mercy Johnson treated her long ago. She says she would hug a snake than Mercy Johnso

This is the first actress bold enough to call out Mercy Johnson for things she allegedly did to people back then. Read what she wrote here

Also, fellow actress Angela Okorie has come out to corroborate her story which lends more credence to this accusation. She commented that Mercy Johnson did the same to her and that when she confronted her, Mercy Johnson challenged her spiritually and physically.

It was these allegations that led to a threat to her son by a fan who asked her to take back her accusation against Mercy Johnson. Angela re-posted the DM she got while firing back with prayers.

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