RTF2020: Introduces the Remote Online Access Edition

Stay Home Festival: Realtime International Film Festival RTF2020 will be held ‘Remotely’ ~ Here’s what it means.


Organizers of the Realtime International Film Festival 2020 (RTF2020) are not letting the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria put a stop to their schedule. Hence, they have introduced the Remote Online Access Edition.

The 5th Edition of the  International Film Festival is set to hold on the 7th to 13th of April 2020 and the organizers say it will still take place, only with some major alterations to how. Thus, they have decided to have the Film Festival online on the said dates.

While Film Festivals around the globe are being postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the RTF organisers have the genius idea to put out the first #StayHomeFestival. This, they believe is in line with their Vision of RTF.

“Our corporate VISION reads: “to become the most acclaimed technology – driven, remotely accessible Festival in Africa with a keen interest in Cultural & Creative Arts”. They said.

Hence, the #RTF2020 Online Remote Access Edition will start on the 7th to 13th of April, 2020 which happens to be World Health Day.

This year 2020 marks RTF’s fifth outing as a Festival and it seeks to be all inclusive. Hence, the theme ‘ACE’ – ‘Accessibility, Collaboration & Equity’. They aim to focus on people with disabilities and people living with autism, down syndrome and other disabilities. The word they are using is ‘Panoptic’.

Realtime-international-film-festivalSo, their mission “is to champion an Artistic baseline where equity and openness is enhanced among Creative Artists, Filmmakers & Film Enthusiasts; in other words, a platform “Where everyone feels equal”

Recently, Multichoice Talent Factory announced plans to Launched Online Masterclasses all in line of the Covid-19 precautions.

Go to their official website here to register.

#StaySafe #Covid-19

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