Etinosa comments rudely on onyemykkes advert

See the Reaction of Onyemykke on Actress Etinosa’s Comment on His Advert On Instagram

By Vivian Eze

The Nigerian actress and filmmaker Etinosa Idemudia, who was giving advice to runs girls on how to add value to the country few days back, is out again on Instagram. This time she has come to the comment box of a social media commentator to say why she doesn’t like him.
”I cant imagine dating this guy. He shouts too much. God forbid”.
Etinosa comments
This according to the person in question Onyemykke, did not go down well so he had to fire back which made him refer to the actress as an ”apologetic nudist”. He replied
Onyemykke reply
To the astonishment of viewers, the beautiful actress went back to say
“I can’t date you no suppose cause quarrel na My guy no vex oh!!. Freedom of speech. My opinion and I stand by it. Will you say you have never express your dislike to someone. Uncle everybody must not like you Some people don’t like me too but I’m not killing myself.
I must not like you and I didn’t hide it. I am not a pretender. A lot of people share my views and do not like you too but hailing you and calling you bro!
Baba work on yourself and stop spitting on people
Etinosa replies
The fight goes on as the actress went ahead to call him a ”jobless empty Egbedin who is a houseboy to a white woman in london for green card” and further says that he is actually looking for a channel to blow which would definitely not come from her except he pays for it.

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