Toka McBaror The Takers Movie

See Trailer for Toka McBaror ‘The Takers’ Movie

‘You can make great movies without recognised actors’ – Toka McBaror

Toka McBaror releases trailer for his new prehistoric themed movie ‘The Takers’ – an action-adventure set in the North of Nigeria.

Toka McBaror The Takers Movie

The filmmaker and Director of The First Merrymen, Ikogosi, and Made in Heaven, has churned out another intense thriller that is sure to send chills up your spine just with the first view.

Toka McBaror continues to prove that one can make great movies without using a crop of popular faces. From his portfolio with films like ‘The Island’ and his recent action crime series ‘Paper Boat’, Toka Mcbaror in ‘The Takers’ creates a stunning picture, beautiful cinematographic blend and heart-racing action.

Toka McBaror The Takers movie

In preparation for release, the trailer is already as gripping as they come.

Directed by Toka McBaror, The Takers features the story in Northern Precolonial times and explores themes of tyranny, betrayal and loyalty. The long dominance and tyranny of a northern tribe meets its end by the hand of Shiekh Buda’s first son Samir. Who led an army of farmers to war against his brother Azan.

See Trailer;

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