See Why Everyone Thinks That Blossom Chukwujekwu Is Back With His Ex Girlfriend Having Blocked His Wife On Social Media

By Vivian Eze

The Nigerian actor who is known for his ravishing sense of fashion and for breaking the hearts of most Nigerian ladies with his good looks Blossom Chukwujekwu, who has since blocked his wife Maureen Esisi on all his social media platforms and also on phone calls, is said to have left his wife for his ex girlfriend Lilian Esoro.

Actor blossom whom recently packed out of his matrimonial home some weeks back leaving a message for the parents of his wife that he is done with the marriage has left his fans wondering why the sudden scandal in their marriage that has got everyone aaaawwwwing and hmmmmming since its existence.
It was made known that the issue was because they were unable to conceive which was actually blamed on this actor.

Blossom who is nowhere to be found now has got most fans and family thinking that he is back to his ex girlfriend Lilian.
Lilian on the other hand has come to say that ”Please i am not with Blossom and we have not spoken for sometime since our last movie”. There has also been whispers that she is pregnant for him and that’s why he had left his wife, blocked her, to the extent of his family blocking Maureen as well which must have made him go back to his ex. But, this is what Lilian said about this ”I am not pregnant for him..Jesus Christ,is that how one gets pregnant?I am really shocked…Please leave me out of this story,I am not involved..Whoever involved me in this story must be joking
I am not pregnant for anyone,maybe its another Lilian.Blossom is not staying with me”.

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