regina daniels, fans worries

She Was Plumpy, Then Thin and Now Hospitalized – Fans Worried Over Regina Daniels Health

By Vivian Eze

2019 was a controversial year for Nollywood actress and child star Regina Daniels because of her marriage to Billionaire Ned Nwoko.
regina daniels, fans worries
The Nollywood celebrity who enjoyed support and admiration from many people because of her charisma nearly became a shadow of herself when criticisms trailed her romance with the 59 years old billionaire.
Towards the end of 2019, Regina Daniels suffered many media attacks especially because of her sudden loss of weight.
Rumors began making the rounds that she was pregnant for the billionaire who and suddenly the actress lost weight sparking speculations that she had done an abortion.
However, not many people bothered to find out wif the story was true because in recent times Regina Daniels has become notable for controversies.
But at the moment fans of the Nollywood celebrity are worried about her health situation. Reports emerged indicating that Regina Daniels has been hospitalized in Germany for some undisclosed health reasons.
While her fans have been expressing worry over her fortunes, they fear that critics may come up with other rumors and mischiefs that may ruin the image of the actress who many still regard as one of the brightest Nollywood stars.
Overwhelmed by some of these challenges, Regina Daniels through her posts on her social media handles has tried to ignore some of these false stories making the rounds.
She feels that the world will be a better place if people focus on the soul of individuals rather than how they appear. Many fans took it to mean that the actress is at peace with her decision to become the wife of 59 years old billionaire Ned Nwoko.

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