social media influencers

Social Media Influencers And Their Way Into The Film Industry

By Vivian Eze

The film industry is a big employer of labour in any economy. It is a big art form that requires the involvement and participation of many people.
Film is a unique means of communication; its visual bias gives it a universal appeal and impact. Audio visual aids are now a significant element in teaching and knowledge impartation.
A social media influencer on the other hand is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her knowledge or existing relationship with his/her audience as different from celebrities on screen. An influencer has the tools and authenticity to attract many viewers consistently and can motivate others to expand their social reach. He may be anyone from a blogger to a celebrity to an online entrepreneur. They must simply capitalize on a niche to attain widespread credibility.
Because of the level at which most people both young and old are gradually leaving the traditional media as an avenue for getting informations and focusing on social media, most film production companies would be interested in persons who already have some levels following on particular niches which they are actively engaged with believing that it could bring about the need for his/her followers to follow him/her to the screen thereby giving such movies a massive audience. Because these individuals are not simply marketing tools but are social relationship assets with which brands and movies can collaborate to achieve their marketing objectives.
Owing to the ability of film to hold a captive audience,it is used more than any other means of mass communication to promote ideas of positive social transformation. Film serves entertainment and therapeutic purposes.
Lately the social media and entertainment industry have gotten a close relationship, with the aspect of marketing. The celebrities who are seen as special set of people because they play a vital role in the lives of their fans are the subject of discuss. Social media celebrities enable a completely new way for marketers and film producers to promote their products on their social media pages.
social media influencers

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