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The Combo Of Timini Egbuson and Toyin Abraham Has Us Anticipating “Elevator Baby’

By Yetunde Adeyeri
The poster for the drama-thriller, Elevator Baby is finally out. A tight lid has been kept around this production and that has increased the anticipation for it. Particularly because of its unique leads of Toyin Abraham and Timini Ebguson.

I can almost predict that Toyin Abraham will have us in stitches and Timini Egbuson will be the resident bad boy that suits him like a tee. In a movie that is not obviously a romantic pairing, I feel like the relationship between this pair would be really special.
timini egbuson set to star in elevator baby
The film is written and directed by newcomer Akay Mason. It tells the story of Dare William, a privileged young man with a temper and his encounter with Abigail Kuforji, an expectant mother with a secret. When Abigail, stuck in a faulty elevator with Dare, is forced into emergency labor, the bad-tempered Dare is forced to deliver the baby by himself.
Toyin Abraham star in elevator baby
Elevator Baby stars Nollywood’s finest talents like Brodda Shaggi, Sambasa Nzeribe, Shaffy Bello, Emem Ufot, Yemi Solade, and Blessing Jessica Obasi.

Astonishingly, the story is from Ace Director, Niyi Akinmolayan who is also the Executive producer. This is the first feature from Anthill Studios, Akinmolyan’s production outfit known for their animated shorts (Malika) and post-production works in Nollywood’s blockbusters like The Wedding Party 2 and Chief Daddy.

Elevator Baby opens in cinemas nationwide on October 11. We eagerly anticipate the trailer of this movie.

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