‘The Good Husband’ A Movie From Award Winning Director, Dickson Iroegbu, Hits Cinemas from 17th April

The-Good-Husband-Movie‘The Good Husband’ is a Nollywood Movie directed by award winning director Dickson Iroegbu and is set to hit the cinemas in Nigeria from the 17th of April 2020.

‘The Good Husband’ tells the story of a marriage counselor who is committed to the success of other people’s marriages, but allows this passion drive a wedge into his home – a generous case of taking the log out of your eyes before talking about the spec in your neighbor’s eye.

It is a timely tale in Nigeria where divorce and sometimes spousal murder is assuming alarming proportions. The Good Husband movie explores themes of sex, communication, the rigors of different perspectives of couple and respective relatives, as well as themes of love and forgiveness.

The movie promises the twist and turns of marital journeys providing rib-cracking and reflective moments.

The Good Husband movie features some of Nollywood movie veterans including Sam Dede, Monalisa Chinda, Francis Duru, Thelma Okoduwa-Ojiji, Paul Sambo, Bassey Ekpo Bassey and introducing Eeefy Ike, Shield Nwazuruahu and several others.

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Dickson Iroegbu reveals that his company, Teamwork Studios Limited is reaching out to CHurches and Mosques across the globe, not leaving out Nigeria, to encourage the viewing of The Good Husband movie to help fight the scourge of divorce and spoilers in marriage.

Mr. Iruegbu is no doubt an outstanding director and holder of a African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) for Best Director and Best Screenplay for ‘The Mayors’ He has also directed and produced a number of Nollywood blockbusters including ‘Women’s Cot’, ‘Critical Condition’ ‘Unfaithful’ ‘Romantic Attraction’ and many others.

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