The Reunion: An Interesting but Odd Mix of Disorganized Cast

By Yetunde Adeyeri

It’s been a while since we have seen Mercy Johnson in the cinema and I have been earnestly looking for this movie. If I may add, I am a big fan of Mercy Aigbe but even I was skeptical of how her performance would be in The Re-union. So I bought the ticket and decided to satisfy my curiosity once and for all.
The reunion nollywood movie review
The reunion was produced by Faith Ojo and directed by Thomas Odia. It features Tana Adelana, Mercy, Johnson-Okojie, Mercy Aigbe, Lilian Esoro, Lateef Adedimeji, Jide Kosoko, Jaiye kuti, Steve Onu, Femi Jacobs, and Chioma Omeruah (chigul)

This movie surprised me. Honestly. I never experred it. It followed the story of these four women who I’m not sure were ever really friends to begin with but are meeting for the first time to plan a Reunion and %0th anniversary of their Alma Mata. They all come with their baggage as they try to put up a perfect front to each other.
the reunion nollywood movie review
To their credit, the cast delivered. They really did. Although, the young man that played Mercy Johnson’s husband was a little underwhelming. Maybe because he was lost in a sea of professionals and so that affected his performance.

The lightning and the sound was not award-winning but it was forgivable. Even the soundtracks were not too interesting but they made for it with really good dialogues.

Now to the story itself. Loopholes…

I wouldn’t say I wasn’t surprised though. I mean they were pretty obvious and so glaring I gaped at the fact that they thought they could cover it up. All through the movie which was mercifully short, by the way, it felt as they forgot they said some things and just moved and when they were ready, they chose to remember it.

Also, the Frederick Leonard character reminded me of Blossom in “New Money”. Like for two scenes, he was present but never said a word. I mean I like him but he didn’t do much. And that angle they tried to play with her not remembering him or knowing his name was lame. Thumbs down, guys.
the reunion nollywood movie review
Back to the story, I liked the basis it set. They were all well represented. The successful single mother who was relegated to being a baby mama despite all her achievements. The socialite and philanthropist who was a closet drunk and also married to a closet gay senator. The working mom who was overwhelmed with a husband that was not doing enough to help. And the married flirt who used to be the saint but is not the world’s best sleaze.
The actors were impressive. Lateef Adedimeji was in one scene and he rightly did it. Not over the top but well done.

But Femi Jacobs. Oh, Femi Jacobs. He won it. He made me smile. Seeing him in that capacity was endearing and just raised the bar for him as an actor.

While I am in this mood, I would like to give kudos to the actors and crew. It was money well spent but nothing out of the ordinary. It was simple but will definitely put a smile on your face.

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