The Rising of New Sheriffs in Nollywood: Mo Abudu and Mary Remmy Njoku

Nollywood is beginning to wear a new look from the content to the production value. The stakes are fast rising and many Nollywood practitioners will be left behind when the whirlwind of change finally matures and takes a toll in the industry.

Since the launching of EbonyLife and subsequent launch of Rok Studio the production house of Rok Tv, there has been a drastic change on how the industry has fared.

These changes in the dialectics in Nigeria Film Industry cannot be said to have happened without the input of the new captains who coincidentally are both female.

Mo Abudu

A little is known about the private life of this media juggernaut. But the only information she puts to the foray is that she has children, a loving mother and siblings. Her private life is indeed not even neccessary, as her achievements within a short while she left her consulting firm to join the media business cover all of that.

She bursted into the scene with Wedding Party 1 and Wedding Party 2 which both went on to become the highest grossing films in the history of Nigeria cinema. You cannot also talk about quality TV experience without mentioning the fantastic jobs her team at EbonyLife TV is doing. Little wonder she has achieved a lot within a short space of time.

Her most recent achievement which is all over the popular International and Local media, has earned her a place in the anal history of this industry. Recall that we reported that her firm EbonyLife Limited just signed a paid partnership with Sony Pictures Television to make a TV series that will redefine the future of NOLLYWOOD. This lady with the pace she is going will end up raising the stakes so high that many may not even have a range to compete. Already she has been called the Oprah of Africa. She is indeed a new captain and will be so for a long time.

Mary Remmy Njoku

The second person that has also redefined the dialectics of film and TV Production in Nigeria today is Mary Remmy Njoku.

A little was known about her before her marriage to Irokotv boss, Jason Njoku. She was just an actor who many may not even rate as an A’List actor. However, to whom much is given, much is expected. Mary has never failed to impress, as her husband even noted in one of his interview that her wife’s Cable business seems to be doing better than his online TV business.

She has since shoved off the clout of her husband’s presence and gone on to create a cartel that is currently leading the way in Film and TV Production in Nollywood.

Her channel Rok Tv recently commissioned lots of TV series across Nigeria, reflecting almost all cultures. The news has it that she is launching Rok 2 dedicated to Traditional stories and Rok 3 for Ghana movies. She took to her Instagram page to thank God for the grace to run the race.

She is indeed championing a cause that will sooner or later change the single story if Nollywood not having contents with depth.

These two are indeed the two new sheriffs in Nollywood Town and will be around for a long while.

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