On December 15th 2017 many records were broken and many more were even broken five days afterwards. Ebony Life TV boss, MO Abudu took to her Instagram page to announce a Twenty Million Naira opening for the sequel of The Wedding Party. She went further to announce that the movie had hit a hundred million naira just five days in the cinema and that is something the entire industry should celebrate.

To the crux of the matter, ever since the movie was released in Cinema in Nigeria it has been generating lots of controversy, whereas some said it is a case of overcooked meal others say it is rather undercooked. The crazy thing is that regardless of the divide one is, the obvious point remains that the movie has served its purpose(s).

I believe the producers of this movie had set out to do two things: make Nigerians laugh and make money. The producers believe in the saying that Nigerians have seen too many serious issues therefore deserves to laugh when they get to the cinema. The right or wrong of such assertion is a story for another day.

The movie no doubt featured a lot of A-list comedians in Nigeria and indeed had splashes or pockets of laughter here and there from start to finish, although with lots of irrelevances and very poorly managed plots as well as under-utilized cast viz-a-viz underdeveloped characters. The choice of cast and with the introduction of Chiwetalu Agu and Patience Ozokwor will readily tell you that the producers just want you to laugh. They did elicited laughter, so case needs to close. Again, come to think of it, the movie cinematography is top notch, sound was great and the monies are rolling in. What other points do the producers need to prove?

Yes, we know the script could have been better. Yes, we know the movie is rather over studded without definite purpose. Yes, we know The Wedding Party 1 is artistically better than The Wedding Party 2. But you can’t take away the fact that it has served its purpose and that is the primary objective of every director or producer.

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