‘The worst is behind us’ Nigerian Director Toka McBaror shares opinion on Covid-19

Award Winning film Director Toka McBaror shares his opinion on Covid-19 outbreak. Comparing it with Common cold, Ebola outbreak and other diseases, he says ‘the worst is behind us’.

Toka McBaror

In his IG video, the Merry Men director, Toka McBaror, recounts late December to January when he says everyone experienced cough and flu like symptoms. They took drugs and were fine.

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‘Everyone got through it somehow’ he said.

In his opinion, we might have seen our own phase of the Coronavirus which went by silently because no one was testing specifically for the Covid-19 virus. Instead, they just got reports of Malaria or typhoid.

‘I find it difficult to believe that Coronavirus did not come to Africa first because Africa is their usual testing ground for anything they want to spread’ he said ‘and right now, every evidence shows that it was weaponized by a certain group of people’ Toka McBaror said.

He says if his theory is correct, then the worst is behind us and so, no one should panic.

‘Let’s stay in our houses, stay safe, keep your family safe, keep your loved ones safe but don’t panic’

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Toka McBaror is the CEO of Evolution Studios 99, director of ‘Kada River’, ‘Lotanna’ and ‘Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons’. He is a multi award winning director based in Kaduna, Nigeria. He is among the highest grossing filmmakers in Nigeria.

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