The Chronicle by Toka McBaror

Toka McBaror’s Covid-19 awareness short film ‘The Chronicle’ is A Frightening reality of the North.

The Chronicle by Toka McBaror

This Toka McBaror ‘The Chronicle’ Short Film is shot in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The North has the highest rate of illiteracy which has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in the fight against Covid-19. Presently, Kano is recording more cases daily and it is only a few hours away from Kaduna which already has 36 confirmed cases.

Toka McBaror in The Chronicle short film tells a touching tale and it is one that bemoans a frightening reality of the dangers the North holds.

We earlier reviewed another Covid-19 awareness film, JOCA (Just One Call Away). It sensitizes the everyday person on what to do when between duty and love in these times.

McBaror’s The Chronicle tells the simple story of a Lab Scientist living in the most remote part of the state. He is practicing and what he earns, he saves up for his Masters. Thus, he stays in a Shelter for poor people. On this day, one of the occupants is has a serious cough, running temperature, and unnatural tiredness. No one knows what is wrong and even when the scientist diagnoses, he concludes that it is Just Typhoid and Malaria. They have no clue what Covid-19 is until the Scientist sees it in an old paper. But by then it is too late, the infection has gone around the room and sadly, to the child he loved so much.

Toka McBaror“Corona Virus has changed the way we see the world. It has changed how we relate to one another and we sincerely hope it comes to an end soon” Says Toka McBaror.

Its simple message is to focus sensitization about the virus in the North where Illiteracy is eating deep and causing more deaths, deaths that could be averted.

See the movie here;

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