Victor Okpalan accused of sexual abuses

Filmmaker, Victor Okpala accused of Abuse by several actresses

With the rise of sex scandals and rape allegations, Nigeria might be headed towards its own #MeToo trend, Victor Okpala and the rape accusation surrounding his ‘casting process’ might be the first to take the heavy hit.


Victor Okpala, CEO of Dope7Media and fondly known as the Superstar Director, has come into the news for demanding sex for roles in Nollywood projects.

A young actress, Sharon Jatto gave him a super major throwback as she shared screenshots of the three-year-old Instagram DM conversations she has had with Victor Okpala. The movie director had told her she didn’t ‘know what she missed’ when she confirmed that she was not going to do what he had allegedly asked of her (have sex with him).

Visibly vexed about it these even three years after, the actress who has gone on to bag a role as Simi in MTVShuga, could not resist the urge to make the big reveal. The encounter, she boldly says, is ‘…wrecking the image of Nollywood’

In her caption, Sharon Jatto was visibly upset about the fact that Victor Okpala had joined the trending ‘Say No to Rape’ movement. Probably, it was the trigger.

Her caption read; “You see this man @victorokpalan, this man had the guts to post ‘say no to rape’ because he thinks it’s just social media aesthetics.”

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She recalls what Okpalan told her early in her career that sleeping with producers to get roles is what everyone is doing in the industry, it is the normal thing. Outrageously, she reveals, Victor Okpala was fully aware of her age at the time (she was just 17) and he was willing to go ahead with it.

On Victor Okpala’s rape accusation, Jamima Osunde revealed that she has heard ‘soooo many colleagues say the same thing about this same person” they both agree that it is a foul thing to feel he could show pretend support for the #saynotorape and #stoprapingwomen trend when he, she claims, is one himself.

But that was not the end of the conversation as it has since gained momentum. Several other young actresses claim to have fallen victim of Victor’s antics and his inappropriate conduct at movie sets and casting meetings.

Fellow actors and actresses, including Timini Egbuson whose outburst led to more reveal that he shared.

In one, another actress recalls her encounter with Victor.

“This man made me sit on his leg and tried to kiss me. Chai. He said all the female stars did it. Even giving me names of people. And showing me their pictures on his movie posters (you may want to check out his movie posters)

Just to bang fa.”

The young actress claims this is one of the things that disgusted her and made her take a step back from acting. She goes further to say Victor owned ‘tons of pictures of girls on his table.” He calls them and offers them fame in exchange for something. Most of the ones in his moves are apparently, the ones that don’t mind “sacrificing”

See Screenshots below

Will this ruin Victor Okpala’s movie career?

The growing #saynotorape and #metoo wave spreading through social media would reveal more in the coming weeks.

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