victor okpala on rape allegations

Victor Okpala’s rape scandal: Another rape accuser!

The Victor Okpala rape accusations pile up, the moviemaker commonly called Superstar Director and his tale of sexual abuse has caused a wide stir in the Nollywood Industry and several more confessions have come up against him since June 3rd.

Each one strains to reveal a deeper, darker man behind the mask.

Victor Okpala started his career with Rockhouse media network and Insideout Media. In 2017, he set out, opening Dope7 Media, his own film making firm.

He has shown considerable success over the years and being young and talented, he may have come to be one of the finest filmmakers. But this takes a boulder to everything he has built even family. In some of the screenshots, he begs Sharon Jatto, his first accuser, to take back her statements being that it could lose everything.

He is also executive director of Models and Mentors Africa, a platform, he says he has designed to train young people to fit into Godly leadership roles. Victor Okpalan movies include; Suncity, Ella’s Paradise, Ndi Nche Ulo, House Keepers, Akwa Uba and several others. So how did Victor Okpala and rape come to be used in the same sentence?

In a recent tweet, Tomiwa Tegbe shares his opinion, being an actor that has had the chance to be on Victor’s movie set.

Victor Okpala rapist movie maker

“This man Victor Okpalan of Dope 7 media will do serious morning devotion on his set before shoot and at night, after shoot, ask you to come to his room to warm his bed. I’ve worked on his set as an actor so I know. He preys on young girls a with dreams and asks them to “do what it takes”

Victor Okpalan accused of sexual abuses

In a very unsettling audio-video confession, obtained and shared by Lala Akindoju and several other Nollywood Celebrities, the famed Superstar Director is exposed further by another of his victims. This one shares her story in tears as she recounts the night Victor Okpala raped her.

A young girl on a movie set, finally feeling like she has her shot at this acting thing. Having gone through all the audition processes, she manages to make it to a movie set – unfortunately it is Victor Okpala’s movie’s set.

She is called to his room by one of his boys and he drops his famous line of making “sacrifices.” She refuses and he goes further.

See and listen to the rape accuser’s video below;


Victor Okpala has made no comments in defence of his accusation. Is there any getting back after this?

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