Lack of structure is destroying Nollywood – Wale Adenuga urges for the MOPICON bill

Wale Adenuga, in a recent chat with Vanguard Newspaper, expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Nollywood is structured and believes passing the MOBICON bill will salvage it.


“I am not happy with the present structure of Nollywood. It’s as if we don’t have a structure. For instance, you cannot practice journalism in Nigeria without becoming a member of NUJ. But in the case of Nollywood, it’s all-comers affair” Wale Adenuga said speaking on the MOPICON bill

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Nollywood has been in the silent division over the years that may have gone unnoticed. In this Wale Adenuga talk on the MOPICON bill, he identifies one of the things affecting the creative industry. He believes the creative industry is at its lowest ebb and pointed out reasons why.

In the interview Wale Adenuga revealed that the North of Nigeria has its own called Kannywood, the Yoruba operates under the Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts Practitioners ANTP and the Igbo’s dominated in Nollywood. Those who are famous as producers, directors, or even the actors and screenwriters do not belong to any association.

“So, there is no structure and the only thing that would have structured the industry” Adenuga believes, “is this proposed MOPICON.”

While Wale Adenuga speaks on the MOPICON bill, it has been in the talks for more than 10 years now.

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While some people have pushed against the MOPICON bill in the past. Some believing it is a scheme to enrich the pockets of the elite few and push aside young filmmakers and newcomers. Wale Adenuga believes it is what is needed to help the industry grow.

The bill was designed to create a proper regulatory environment for the sub-sector of the creative industry. The bill seeks to establish an umbrella body for Nigeria’s filmmaker’s industry and will incorporate film producers, cinematographers, directors, scriptwriters, actors, and other stakeholders in film production.

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In 2016, the MOPICON bill made headlines as stakeholders shot against it saying that it will ‘muzzle creativity and dictate to them the kind of movies to produce”. As against the current model where any interested individual can produce movies. This makes the bill very delicate.

At the opening of the 2019 African International Film Festival (Afriff 2019) themed ‘Sheroes’, Minister of Information – Lai Mohammed said the MOPICON bill, when passed into Law, would attract the much-needed investment into the industry.

According to Wale Adenuga however;

“People who are enjoying from the muddy waters of Nollywood are not helping matters. They are campaigning against the proposed MOPICON bill. They are forming guilds now and using the platform to amass wealth for themselves. With MOPICON in place, such a thing will stop. That’s why they have been kicking against the bill. Right now, Nollywood is in disarray. The resultant effect of that is the economy of Nollywood which is at its lowest ebb.”

This debate goes on for every Filmmaker to have his take on it.

Read the full interview here…

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