For a very long time, Nigeria TV has witnessed draught of entertaining TV shows, to the extent that many Nigerians turned to Zee World and Telemundo for succour.  Some feel betrayed by their own, while others blame the non-entertaining nature of shows as the key problem why Nigerian shows are losing viewership.

However with the emergency of THE JOHNSONS, Nigerians and indeed the entire Africa had a breath of fresh air. The show is majorly focused on a family (The Johnsons) based in Lagos Nigeria, and how they cope with what life has to offer them. The show features Chinedu Ihedieze (Efe), Osita Iheme (J J), Charles Inojie(Lucky), Ada Ameh(Emu). The show is one that each family member can sit down and watch.

The Johnsons is arguably the best comedy show on TV in Nigeria right now with Charles Inojie showing off weeks after weeks the intrinsic well of creativity that has kept him on the limelight for a long time now. The cast is almost perfect as the combination of the experienced Charles, Chinedu and Ada and the younger ones are a beauty to behold. Since inception they have continually refreshed the viewers and may last longer than Tinsel which is currently enjoying the longest TV series in Nigeria. To achieve this feat, the creators of The Johnsons must continue to twist the plots as they currently do and engage audiences, open up the show to accommodate a few more actors and of course find a way to increase humour without necessarily forcing it.

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