Williams Uchemba helps Area Boys

Williams Uchemba Surprises Area Boys with relief packages to ‘Keep area safe’

Williams UchembaSensational Nollywood Star Williams Uchemba has gotten the commendation of many fans for lending a helping hand to the those badly affected by the stay at home order – specifically the ‘Area Boys’

The scourge of robberies and attacks have caused unrest in the cities of Lagos and Ogun. These attacks are largely propagated by hoodlums and street boys who are driven by poverty, hunger and the perceived ignorance of the government to their plight. This unrest has been moving through most of the mainland and seems not to be relenting. Williams Uchemba feels he can address this.

William Uchemba takes a step towards ensuring safety for his own area by stretching a helping hand to his immediate community. In the display of good will, the actor goes ahead to give 50,000 in cash with a promise of food stuff for the boys of the area.

In the video, the boys show him appreciation and shower prayers on ‘the pocket where this one came from’. Williams Uchemba says he does this so that there would be a smooth relationship between them and the government. He believes that if they can speak with the Area Boys in the language that they speak then it would reduce the rate at which they are restive.

A few social commentaries identified the move as irrelevant and an encouragement of the hoodlum, even pointing out the fact that Williams maybe doing this with a mind to protect himself when the attacks eventually reach the island. But most saw this generosity as a move in the right direction to help during these trying times.

He recently launched his #1millionnairachallenge where he hopes to reach the people that government can’t.

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I TAKE NO GLORY IN THE VIDEO YOU ARE ABOUT TO WATCH AS I’M ONLY A VESSEL IN THE HANDS GOD AND ALSO GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY WHO HAS MADE THIS POSSIBLE . We have set out to feed as many people as possible in the slums. Our aim was to give them raw ingredients and funds at their door step as we highly encourage people to remain in their homes to help stop this virus from spreading further. Our initial projection was to feed 1000 people but with the rate of hunger we have witnessed, we decided to increase it to 5000 people due to the extension of the lockdown. I want to thank @donjazzy for jumping on the #Onemillionnairachallenge, even though the essence of the challenge is to help the people in our various localities, he gave us his own to help buy more food items to share to the people. Also I want to thank @peak_milk for supporting us with some cartoons of milk. @alex_unusual donated some hand sanitizers and hand wash, thank you for your donation. Finally, I want to extend my gratitude to all those who have contributed in any way, may God Almighty bless you continually. Any partnership/donation or contribution will go a long way, Any amount will really go a long way for someone. Diamond/Access 0104753155 Williams Uchembah Foundation 08091637999

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Over the past weeks, Nollywood actors and actresses have used any means available to them to reach out to those whom the lockdown has affected. Through Instagram giveaways, relief packs and online classes, the Nollywood industry is trying to take care of its own.

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