Ozo, a participant of the current Big Brother Naija Lockdown, 2020, has been in the news over 6 weeks. This is due to his love for a fellow housemate, Nengi.

He is termed a “mumu” by majority of the viewers.

To them they are yet to see such a man that is principled and disciplined and can go all out for a woman he loves, sticks to her and proves his love to her. He’s being cajoled because she told him that she’s not ready to date anyone in the house at the moment.

Nengi says she is more concerned and focused on the money than any other thing. But, Ozo, in his nature doesn’t give up on what he wants and that’s why he seems to be amongst top 3 contenders of the show.

Yesterday, while they were preparing breakfast, a discussion ensued and Nengi told him that she didn’t believe that he took the brother of a thing seriously.

“Ozo you are the first to call me sister” Nengi says. She said this happened during the last Travelbeta task in the house. This is why she decided to return the favour and call him her brother for weeks now.

Ozo replied that he called her his sister to enable them win the task which they later won because of the outstanding drama they put up during the task presentation.

Now that she has vindicated him, can we now say all the opposing fans labeling him a “mumu” or “an idiot” would bow their heads in shame now?

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