Financial freedom in Nollywood

If you DON’T want to end up a struggling artist in Nollywood? Keep these five principles

Struggling NollywoodThe Nollywood entertainment world is not always what it seems. While it may look all glitz and glamour on the outside, some of the most popular faces out there are actually just struggling.

Many Nollywood actors, like Femi Ogedengbe, have quit the Nollywood industry out of frustration and there are still many living under the cover of the star studded life.

For upcoming actors, the competition is stiffer. There is a lot they try to keep up with and by the time they know it, they are famous, their faces are all over the place and there is nothing to show for it. explores five life principles that will help you get up and stay up financially while climbing up the ladder.

1. Save Money

It is the greatest tool in building finances in any industry. Learn to put some away for ‘rainy days’ because, as the hustle goes, some periods may be good, some others may not be as good as others. Always have something to fall back on.

2. Invest

Another way to save and grow your funds is to INVEST IT! It is never too late or too early to look into investment opportunities. So even while you are sitting at a location and funds are taking their time to come, your money would just be increasing. You will be never cut unfresh even before the actor’s fee comes.

3. Don’t live above your means

No go dey do pass yourself. Everything good will come in time. There is no need to show off what you don’t have. Look good, wear great clothes but do not try to keep up with the Kardarshians. If you do everything right, the Kadarshians will have you to keep up with. Lol.

4. Side hustle.

You’d probably have realized that this acting thing might take sometime to catch on. Finding a side business you can do in-between jobs. Having multiple streams of income is never a bad idea. If you are not on set today, don’t be idle.

5. Keep growing

Having a Plan-B is not a bad idea. While you carve a niche for yourself as an actor, you can also learn producing, directing or screenwriting. This way, you are expanding your opportunities and giving yourself more exposure aaaannd… more money. This will help you spread your wings and see more income.

With these tips, anyone would be on their way to financial freedom not restricted by the constraints of the Nollywood industry.

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