You Would Be Amazed At The Revelation Made By Rita Dominic- The Secret Behind Her Glassses You Never Knew

By Vivian Eze
rita dominic reveals
Actress Rita Dominic is one of the so many gorgeous divas and celebrities Nigeria has got. She has graced our screeens for many years since she made her debut in acting. The actress keeps aging gracefully and always keeps her fans inspired.
The actress whom has a way catching people’s fantasy and whose love life has been a major concern for her fans just gave a course for an alarm in the early hours of today.
Rita captioned a post on Instagram revealing that she doesnt see well without her glasses on..OMG…Could this be true?
She wrote;
”Here’s a secret- I don’t see that well without my glasses. Sshhh don’t tell anyone 🤭😆 have a great weekend everyone ❤️🥂”

Here;s another reason why most people troubling her to go get married wont leave her. They are surely coming after her now with questions.
Nevertheless, she still looks more pretty with the glasses on…Just keep wearing it, we are cool with it.
Remember she added ”ssshhh.. dont tell anyone”

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